Affordable & Cheapest Charter Bus Rental

Cheapest Charter Bus Rental

To fulfill all of your transportation needs there is no better way than hiring a private charter bus. We offer transportation services and solutions for different events, corporations, employee parties, and much more. We have a large fleet of charter buses specially designed for each kind of event and fulfill your transportation needs.  You may consider this convenient and luxury transportation service too expensive or costly transportation option.

Charter bus services are considered one of the most affordable travel options as compared to other travel options than other modes of transportation though it,s prices can change on the basis of different factors. Do you have any interest in knowing something more about the cheapest charter bus rental? The prices of charter buses change according to the vehicle, area, and availability.

Charter Bus Rental at an Affordable and Cheap Price

If you are planning a big corporate event, you need to transport a large number of people without spending so much money. Then you will never find a better option than a charter bus. It becomes quite important if you include airline tickets and security lines.

How much do you have to pay for a charter bus rental Iowa? Do you pay for the rent charter bus with driver cost per hour or per mile? Is there any kind of hidden charges? All of these questions have a single answer that is based on various factors. But one thing is pretty sure the longer the trip is the more money you can save.

Local Area Charters

Usually, you will be charged by the charter on an hourly basis if you need transportation in a metropolitan area or in a fifty miles radius around you. There are most charter buses require a minimum time of rent about four to five hours. This is included in the rental fee. Except for that “garage time” which is the time needed for the charter bus to get from the yard to the pickup location.

For example, if a charter bus with a 55-passenger seating capacity is charging $100 per hour, if it runs for four hours you will be charged $500 including the $100 of garage time as well.

You may consider it as costly till the time you compare this cost with your taxi fare cost. On average a taxi or cab ride costs around $45 to $50 for one passenger per hour without a driver’s tip. According to this, a charter bus only costs around $2 per passenger. There is a clear difference.

If you have a small or midsize group of people with you to travel then you can save money through a short journey like a corporate event, or a field trip by renting a mini charter bus. You may not find it the best fit for each and every special event but its rental cost will be less than the coach bus rental cost.

Interstate Bus Charter Services 

If you want to move a large number of your group people out of the state then charter buses will be the perfect travel solution. The interstate charter buses do not charge per hour instead they charge per mile. With the local area charters, some additional costs are also included.

The empty bus returns to the garage after dropping off the passengers at their destination. Yes, it costs fuel and time however, without passengers the bus can’t produce any sort of revenue for the company. That is known as the “deadhead mileage” in the transportation industry. That’s why charter bus companies near me also include the charge for deadhead miles in the total cost of the trip to be profitable.

The rental cost of a 55-passenger charter bus is around $3 to $4 per mile. This means a trip from Phoenix to San Francisco and then again to Phoenix of 745 miles costs around $2600 which reaches above $4000 after adding the deadhead rate. This time also you may think that the cost of a charter bus is high until you have a comparison with the cost or rate per seat.

Currently, the cost of a flight for a person from Phoenix to San Francisco costs around $247. You can save almost $150 per person by renting a charter bus instead of taking a flight.

Things to Consider About Charter Bus Rental

Hiring the cheapest charter bus rental is not the same as renting a car or purchasing an airline ticket. Here are some important things that you need to consider:

  1. You may have to pay full payment or a deposit in advance.
  2. The rates of transportation companies do not increase to airlines whose rates keep increasing.
  3. According to the regulations and law a driver can’t drive above 600 miles or ten hours per day. You can expect some necessary driver changes if you are looking for a longer trip.

Charter buses are more secure and safe than flying on a plane and twice as safe as driving an automobile on long tours. That is true, particularly in the case of metropolitan transportation but they take care of each bus and driver to make sure they are certified and insured properly. They verify each contracted transport is in a satisfactory position accosting to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to rest assure the passengers, that they are meeting the best possible safety standard.

Metropolitan Charter Bus Pricing and Procedure

If you book a character bus from FnA Bus Charter it means you have to follow a simple and straight process. Because our company don,t like needless surprises and complications. We try to make our cheapest charter bus rental prices as simple as possible for our customers. As you have a great number of other plans to focus on, you don’t need to worry about transportation services.

Your journey gets started after your quote. We will take into consideration the numbers and offer you the best possible transportation solution. Once you confirm our trip and we received the payment then you don’t need to worry just sit back left all to us. We will find the best charter bus according to your travel requirements. Get charter bus services from FnA Bus Charter bus by contacting us at : (321) 800-5817