What to do on the Bus to a Field Trip?

what to do on the bus to a field trip

Currently, most vehicles come with onboard Wi-Fi or television. It could be very difficult for us to imagine being on a field trip bus without any kind of electronics though you have your cell phone with you. However, it could happen. Then what to do on the Bus to a Field Trip?  There are some long stretches of the rural roads where there are not even cellular towers.

What to do on the Bus to a Field Trip?

Sometimes the schools or camps restrict the use of electronics during some kind of special events. May you be taking part in a retreat to disconnect from technology. It can be very upsetting for anyone to don’t, have access to any electronic device and it becomes more obvious when you are on buses for field trips near me. You can play the following games while traveling on a field trip charter bus rental.

Road Trip Bingo 

You may have to do some necessary preparation for this activity but it will pay you off in the end. You can think about some usual things which you see during the bus ride. If you are traveling through a well-known city then you may pass through some historical landmarks. 

It can be more fun if you add some doubtful items to the bingo cards. You can also include a broken tree and purple cars along with the other things. When it comes to the things that you want to add to the bingo card you will find unlimited things. You can also give the participant different prizes at the end for who filled their card quickly, who got the first bingo, and who got four corners.


Soothing and absence of noise during the bus ride make it perfect for sleeping. If you have jackets you can turn them into pillows and it will help you to prepare for the event or retreat to arrive refreshed. Usually, most people prefer to work on bus rides. Instead, we should focus on recharge and relaxation.


When you are on a bus and thinking about what to do on the Bus to a Field Trip then you can write about a lot of great things. If you are interested in offering structure then you can provide the prompts for your participant. Except, you can also write about what’s going on the bus ride and things passing along the road. You can also utilize your bus ride time while writing about the preparation for what comes later whether it’s a tea, building activity, a retreat, or a field trip.

Word Searches/Crosswords/Puzzle Books

You may remember when all of these were used to be sold in all of the indie booksellers and even at the grocery stores as well. However, they are still available and you can get them quite easily. So, if you are a youth pastor or a teacher you can also consider investing in photocopying and one book activities for the participants.

Twenty Questions

If you are thinking about a game for adults then it is easy to adapt the classic game like “Twenty Questions”. If you pick the right themes it would be an ideal option for adults though most of us have not played this game in years. The interesting and major thing about Twenty Questions is all of the questions must have yes or no answers. Twenty questions may seem a lot for you but it will go much faster than you would have thought.

Ghost in the Graveyard

If you are thinking about what to do on the Bus to a Field Trip then Ghost in the Graveyard would be a perfect option with a great number of children. It is quite interesting to think that it was first invented by a mother to have some peace and silence.

I Spy With My Little Eye

If due for any reason like a traffic jam you are stuck on a long bus ride it would be great to play this game. When the school bus rental is moving and you decide to play then you need to set the rules about where can and can not be included. You can also consider setting the time limit for the guessers if you are concerned about the people’s things being too hard to find.

Best Free School Field Trips 

Here are some of the Best free school field trips in USA. These are some of the best places to visit for your class children.

  • Touring Hidden Worlds of National Parks
  • Watch the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otters
  • Swim Through Palau Coral Reefs
  • Visit the surface of Mars
  • Power up with renewable energy
  • Exploring Around the International Space Station
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