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Are you planning a group tour to Boise, Idaho? Boise is the home of the historic Oregon Trail and The Old Idaho slammer Site along with Boise River Greenbelt. There’s no limit to what you will discover with the Idaho charter bus rental. Depend upon FnA bus Charter for a simple group tour within Idaho and surrounding Idaho.

We’ll provide you with a private Idaho charter bus and minibus rental you’d like to use according to your schedule and budget. Furthermore, your driver will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable trip for your entire group. Our Idaho charter bus reservation staff is available all hours of the day to help in planning your group tour. Contact us at (321) 800-5817 to book the Idaho charter bus now.

Idaho Charter Bus

The Idaho charter bus services offered through FnA bus Charter are top of the line and widely acknowledged. With over 300 cities served, FnA bus Charter operates many Minibus rentals for passengers with a capacity of 56-passenger. If you book our Idaho charter bus, you’ll also be provided with top amenities like televisions with flat screens, Wi-Fi as well as DVD players, toilets, and much more. Boise is a beautiful city that has plenty to offer. So, make sure to get the most out of your stay here.

Visit Greenbelt with Idaho Charter Bus

The Greenbelt is located in a convenient location right downtown. Greenbelt has a length of 25 miles, a paved route that runs alongside the river. The Greenbelt is where pedestrians can walk across bridges and through tunnels while enjoying the sounds from the water. It starts at Lucky Peak Reservoir, a park of the state situated just outside of the city. Viral summer activity is to float down the river using kayaks, tubes, or rafts.

Eat Local Food

You won’t wish to miss the Gold’s excellent breakfasts. The popular restaurant is little inside, but it marks the past theater days. The restaurant serves delicious breakfast and lunch menus that are created fresh on the spot. If you’re feeling adventurous, You can go for a bite on the menu at Westside Drive-In. It is featured on the famous TV show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives; Westside focuses on serving great food and drinks in the most enjoyable environment. Customers can eat in their cars or stop in for relaxing meals at tables.

Have a Relaxing Day

In the city, staying is just as fun as exploring the mountains on top of it. Take a look at Boise Zoo. It is located in Julia Davis Park and can explore an array of species, from big jungle cats to primates. On the other side of the park lies the Boise Art Museum. Boise Art Museum is full of beautiful artwork and the latest models.

Small-town charm is an ideal spot to stroll around in peace, visit old homes, heaven-perfect Ice cream cones, and a square of Fudge. The area is near Camel’s Back park, the entry point to the lower slopes. It has a children’s playground, tennis courts and an incline that is challenging and offers fantastic views over the town. Rent an Idaho charter bus to visit all these beautiful places.

Make a Reservation for a Coach with a FnA Bus Charter

Put your Wedding transportation needs in the hands of experts. Avoid rideshare applications and public transportation instead, rely on the FnA Bus Charter to take you to the right place with Bus hire for events. It doesn’t matter if it’s an event for the church or a company get-together or school trip or a wedding or even a sporting event; FnA bus Charter is here to assist you. It all begins with a phone call to (321) 800-5817.

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