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FnA Bus Charter is an innovative corporate travel services management company that partners with industry leaders to optimize all of your corporate travel needs. Combining the expertise of travel consultants with state-of-the-art technology, we design customized journeys with a focus on safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Read our in-depth report on charter buses and find out why they are the best option for group travel. If you’re not sure what type of business trip you want to take, check out our guide to choosing the best coach for your group. This will help you decide what kind of charter bus you might hire.

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Don’t worry; CORPORATE TRAVEL AGENCY IS Here to Help

Our team is expert in the travel industry. We take the time to understand you and your business and create a travel plan tailored to meet your individual needs.

Managing business travel can be stressful. We ensure you get what you need, when you need it, quickly and easily. That’s why we develop a range of products and services tailored to you.

Specialized Business Travel Agency

As a corporate travel agency, we are dedicated to providing the best possible service and support to your company and your business travelers. It’s what we do best.

As one of the USA’s most prominent independent business travel agencies, we have the scale and experience to meet the most complex requirements of multinational companies while having the ability to provide a bespoke service to businesses of all sizes. We pride ourselves on taking care of all our clients and their staff.

Our overriding principle is to provide exceptional service, which is at the heart of everything we do.

Meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients and travelers is one of the main reasons why we are the USA’s leading international business travel agency.

One Platform, One World to Travel in 

Aiming to make business travel more accessible, FnA Bus Charter provides a single, simple platform for all your business travel needs.

One dashboard, and one place to book travel. Click here to get a Free Quote. Are you in control of your expenses? Simple. Our business travel technology tracks the preferences of each business traveler, so you don’t have to enter the same data every time you book. We’ve also seen a significant increase in repeat bookings.

FnA Bus Charter integrates seamlessly with other systems and provides essential integration with the significant expense and HR systems. If you are traveling on the road overnight then you should get an executive bus on rent.


There are many different reasons and motivations for using a corporate travel services agency. Here we look at some of the key benefits of using FnA Bus Charter.

  • Supplement a Lack of in-house capital and proficiency:

    You don’t need a dedicated travel manager, and your agency team can be busy with other vital tasks. Our agency can provide travel expertise and corporate travel services and handle all travel arrangements without the need for additional staff.

  • Group and Corporate Rate Negotiation:

    Agents can negotiate better rates for their clients for group travel and extended stays.

  • Business Travel Assistance:

    It can be stressful for office managers to assist business travelers. Travelers don’t always get help in the evenings or on weekends, and office managers feel the burden of overtime. Agents can help ease that burden.

  • Business Travel Expense Reports:

    To optimize your budget, you need to know which departments pay how much for business travel. Agencies can produce expense reports for each individual, broken down by team, department, or project, to ensure accurate tracking of all travel expenses.

Ensuring Accuracy of Meetings and Events

Professionalism and accuracy are often inseparable, and corporate bus rental services make sure your corporate event runs smoothly and with proper organization. We ask our drivers to arrive early at the designated meeting point to ensure a comfortable ride. Booking a charter for an event such as a team building day or excursion ensures that all colleagues arrive at the same time, and there is no need to reschedule to accommodate someone driving in the wrong direction.

All over USA Business Travel Through Corporate Travel Agency 

Are you planning to attend a corporate event hundreds of miles from home? Flying can be expensive if you need to move your team for a meeting. Instead, an event transportation service can help you get all your attendees across long distances in comfort. It’s a great way to meet people on the road, and everyone can explore the destination city on their own.

FnA Bus Charter provides corporate travel services that offer group transfers in the city. Companies trust FnA Bus Charter to provide safe and efficient transportation for special occasions such as Christmas parties and group meetings. Group members can relax on the company bus while the driver transports them between the office and the party venue.

Simple, fast, and easy to use

FnA Bus Charter makes booking insurance for business travelers easy with an intuitive platform and consistently applies travel policies and approval processes.

With a corporate traveler policy integrated into the travel management solution, travelers can choose the right option for their situation, regardless of how they book.

  • Travelers can book anytime, anywhere, and from any device in accordance with their company’s policies.
  • Visual and customizable alerts such as emergency information, red flags, priority fares, and negotiated fares.
  • Easily customize travel rules and approve high-risk destinations. Quickly optimize with immediate access to changes and additions to the booking process, allowing customers and travel plans to perform at their best.

The best corporate travel company

  • Dedicated business travel consultants are always at your service.
  • An extensive list of exclusive preferred partners offering various benefits

FnA Bus Charter books great rates is known only to travel industry insiders and handles all the travel details. Your advice won’t last long if our travel agents work for your company.

  • Please read our complete overview of charter bus rental to learn why charter buses are an excellent alternative for group travel.
  • If you’re confused by the different types of Corporate Travel Services available. Look over our guide on choosing the most appropriate bus for your group. You can then determine the type of bus you’re likely to want to lease.
  • Moreover, Are you confused about the price? Check out our price guide and learn how much you’ll pay when you call us and get an instant, free estimate.

Our reservation experts are on hand all hours of the day to assist customers through rental procedures. So call us now at (321) 800-5817 to book travel for your next journey!

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Prices can vary based on the location, the length you’ll require the bus for, and many other variables. For more details, read our pricing guide or contact us at (321) 800-5817 and get a free and personalized estimate.

One carry-on and one gear bag per person are allowed on standard coaches. If you require more space, don’t hesitate to contact one of our reservations specialists to find the bus that meets your needs.

Yes. On request, we will send photographs of your bus before the date you have scheduled.

Bathrooms on board equipped with TVs and DVD players, a lot of storage space, reclining chairs, and more will be offered. Other amenities could be offered for smaller buses. Free Wi-Fi and electric outlets are accessible upon demand. Our reservation specialists can answer any questions regarding amenities by calling (321) 800-5817 anytime, all day, seven, and all week.