Employee Transportation Service

Safe And Reliable Employee Transportation Services

Employee transportation services are a hassle-free way for your employees and staff to travel in comfort and improve their mood and productivity. FnA Bus charter offers industry-leading comprehensive and customizable corporate transportation solutions, providing total reliability and consistency. Regarding employee transportation, the FnA bus charter is your reliable partner for safe and reliable transportation services.

Employee Transportation Service

For The Safety And Security Of Your Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people move around in public places. Book a private Employee Transportation Services if you don’t want to use public transportation or are concerned about meeting hundreds of people working outside your office. Only staff members board the bus and can decide where passengers sit, whether they wear masks, and whether their temperature should be checked. Buses are cleaned regularly, and drivers always wear masks.

Ensuring Safe Working Conditions

The health of our employees is our top priority. That’s why, when you Book Tour Bus with FnA Bus charter, you have complete control over safety measures during your trip. You decide how many passengers are on board, how many seats, whether or not to wear a mask, and whether or not the driver will perform a non-invasive temperature check. Thorough decontamination can be performed before, after, and, if necessary, during the trip.

Create A Customized Route

Employees who do not live near a Metro station may have to drive or walk 20 minutes on a complex bus route. There is also a “last mile” problem if the office is not located near a train station. After dropping employees off on the train, there is no final leg of the journey to the office.

Employee transportation services are the solution to these problems. If you only want to travel between the train station and your workplace, FnA Bus charter can provide a transport that travels between the two locations along a specific route.

On-board Amenities to Make The Trip More Enjoyable

The executive buses your employees’ ride is more than just a means of transportation. Each executive bus has reclining, padded seats, ample legroom, and plenty of storage space. Heavy backpacks, computer bags, and briefcases can be easily stowed in the luggage compartment. Free Wi-Fi  and power outlets are also available to help you stay connected before and after work in Executive Bus. Whether they want to check email, edit the day’s checklist or watch a YouTube video or their favorite show at the end of the day. Employees can count on professional guidance to stay productive while on the go.

Provide Regular, After-hours Employee Transportation Services

If you’d like to add employee transportation to your benefits package, just let us know that you want a long-distance transport service. Contact us, and we’ll help you set up a long-term transportation contract with a local charter bus operator. Our employee transport service can quickly and easily transport you in Local Charter Bus from your workplace to the cafeteria, to another department for a meeting, or to the nearest train station.

Buses Are More Convenient for Employee Transportation Services

The availability of employee charter bus services varies considerably from city to city and even from region to region. ADA-compliant buses have wheelchair elevators, wheelchair seats, wide aisles, and stair ramps.

They also have plenty of legroom and air conditioning to keep everyone comfortable. The upstairs storage area has plenty of room for backpacks and laptop bags, while workers can extend their legs or place mobility equipment in the space in front of them. With stress-free commutes and employees ready to start their day at the right beginning by using our employee Charter Bus Rentals.

Attracting Top Talent

If you want to stand out in a competitive job market, why not add a dedicated bus service to your benefits package? Employee transport services can be precious if you’re looking for out-of-town talent! Reliable Rental Vans service not only helps retain existing employees but also shows potential employees that you care about their well-being, even when they’re not at work.

Tailored Services For Customers

Traveling by public transportation or car can cause delays and reduce the productivity of employees who have come to work. With employee Mini Bus Rentals, you can provide a simple, efficient, and reliable response to your employees’ transportation needs and boost them when they arrive at work. Our service not only takes the hassle out of travel but also increases overall employee productivity by streamlining travel within the office.

Employee transportation Services Benefits 

  • Health Benefits:

    Studies have shown that stress-related health problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety, high cholesterol, and depression are associated with regular driving.

  • Reliability:

    Offering employee benefits which shows that you are a progressive employer that values employees and maintains a reasonable work-life balance. A good reputation is an asset when seeking employees.

  • Reduced CO2 Emissions:

    Adding another person to the average car on the morning commute would save an estimated 33 million gallons of gasoline per day in the United States.

  • Happier Employees:

    Employee transport services are a great way for colleagues to get to know each other for the first time. Employees can develop a sense of belonging and team spirit at work by building friendships and social relationships.

Our reservation department is available 24 hours a day by calling (321) 800-5817 to help you book the perfect minibus rentals for the Charter requirements of your employees.


Your charter service costs will be determined by the length of time you require your bus and the type of bus you choose to book. We have a cost guide for pricing, or contact us an email at (321) 800-5817 to find out more.

FnA Bus Charter takes extra precautions to ensure that our passengers are healthy and safe on every journey. We will help you set the proper mask requirements. it includes temperature check-ups, and onboard social distancing. So that all passengers are comfortable in the charter bus. So, your passengers can be more comfortable using the private transportation service than with public transport.

You can book any most suitable bus for your group regardless of whether it’s a small minibus or a large motor coach. We can also design an individual fleet for you if you require transport for an entire group of individuals.

Yes! FnA Bus Charter will find an accessible charter bus with Wi-Fi, so passengers can read emails or browse the web. Other features include reclined seating, air conditioners and PA systems that are accessible upon request.

FnA Bus Charter operates throughout the United States to bring you the largest coverage area. No matter, you’re located in a major city or a tiny suburb, We’ll locate a charter bus that can serve your office.