Movie Production Charter Bus Rental

Movie Production Charter Bus & Minibus Rental

FnA Bus Charter can provide a bus with the driver at a special price. Whether you want to use a large bus to hide and obscure parts of your location (airports are a good example of using fake buses) or film on a school bus, we have the Movie Production Charter Bus Rentals and the time to help you film your next blockbuster. We have a range of new and old filmed buses, in various sizes and colors. Tour, school, and charter buses are also available for rent.

Movie Production Charter Bus Rental

Customized to Fit Your Movie Production Facility

We know that renting a bus for a film shoot requires more than just seating for passengers. You need enough space to store your equipment safely. Our movie production Charter Bus Rentals are equipped with overhead, and underneath luggage storage, so you can safely store your equipment without worrying about it being damaged in transit.

Get Help In Organizing Your movie production charter bus rentals

FnA Bus Charter can be a great help in organizing group trips. A professional driver can help keep everyone on track and organized. This reduces stress and helps the set run smoothly. Renting A Luxury Coach with drivers, team members can focus on their work without worrying about driving. This increases efficiency and productivity on the set.

Easy-to-carry Extras in movie production charter bus rentals

Extras are one of a film’s most overlooked yet most important elements. Without them, scenes cease to be realistic and leave the audience feeling empty. Getting them to come in during the shoot is another matter if it’s difficult to find and work with extras during the movie pre-production phase. Our movie production minibus rentals take care of your extras from start to finish, which takes the pressure off you during the shoot. All you have to do is decide when and where you want to pick up your extras, and we’ll take them from there to wherever they’re needed.

cater To The Artists’ Banquets

Charter bus rental is one of the safest options for chartering the movie production team, whether for a formal wrap party or a simple after-shoot drink. The driver acts as a dispatcher and drives the cast and crew to their homes or hotels. So, you don’t have to worry about getting everyone home safely. In some cities, it is possible to sneak drinks on the bus, but you must inform the driver in advance.

Enjoy The Comfort Between Shoots with Our Travel Services

Filming can be tiring. Make sure the chartered bus that takes you from location to location has soft seats, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi to make the 12 hours a pleasant experience for the cast and crew. You can also use the storage space under the helmets to easily store equipment, costumes, and props. If you’d like to add more features or aren’t sure which solution is best for you, our experienced booking specialists can help.

Behind-the-scenes Travel 

FnA bus charter can also help studios arrange backstage tours for their clients. We can also arrange for Chartered Tour Buses to take you on a tour of several venues to ensure you don’t get lost in the restricted areas. If you book a bus with panoramic windows, you can see the actors at work without getting off the bus.

Movie Production Charter Bus Rental Help Location Search 

We can also help you research locations before the shoot. We will pick you and your crew up at the airport and take you to the small towns, mountains, or deserts you need for your shoot. There’s no need to drive on unfamiliar roads, and you can Book Executive Bus, so your tablet, smartphone, or laptop doesn’t break down.

Enjoy Exclusive World-class Transfers 

We don’t just help you get your film made; we also walk you through the process. The next time you organize a movie premiere, ask FnA Bus Charter to Arrange Event Transportation Services for the cast and crew to the red carpet. Finding parking in downtown Los Angeles and Manhattan can be difficult, and you don’t want anyone to drive in and be late. Hire a bus, and the driver will drop off the cast and crew near the theater and find them a parking spot.

Choose to charter an all-black or all-white bus or minibus for a sleek, modern look. You can also be sure that you’ll have comfortable amenities such as cushioned seats, in-cab storage, and air conditioning. Your team needs to celebrate its accomplishments with peace of mind.

Our reservation experts are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with the rental procedure. To book transportation for your film production, contact (321) 800-5817 (for general inquiries) or email us at (for long-term contracts).

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Your cost will vary based on several factors, including your location, the length of time you require the bus, and the kind of bus you hire. Our reservation team can give you such a free quote by calling (321) 800-5817.

Except in the case of multi-day excursions, rates are usually determined per hour. When you call to reserve your bus, our reservation expert will break down your estimate.

Yes, most of the time. If you intend to eat or drink on the bus, let your reservation expert know ahead of time.