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Party Bus Rental From FnA Bus Charter

FnA Bus Charter offers a special kind of Charter that is the bus rental! Travel to your destination in style using one of our luxurious Party bus rental services. We are among the most reputable vehicle rental firms, and we’ve been offering top-quality limousine service and bus rentals for several years.

Why Choose bus rental for parties

A Party bus is a fantastic option for groups to enjoy themselves for the duration of a night, the entire day, or even for a weekend. It could be for a prom, wedding, or birthday celebration.

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By general rule, the party bus can accommodate anywhere between 14 and 50 people based on size. Particularly, there are three sizes of buses. Smaller party buses can hold approximately 14-16 people. A typical size party bus can have about 20-30 people. Large party buses can save 36-50 guests.

Our Party Bus Rental 

Our Party Bus Rental is equipped to ensure that the fun doesn’t have to end! There is a wide array of amenities within all cars that we maintain. To ensure the comfort of both guests and you, the vehicle is equipped with comfortable and soft leather seats. There are also two central AC and heating systems that keep the entire bus comfortable.

If you were considering renting one of our party buses, the most important thing that came to mind was likely to be entertainment. We’ve got you covered in this area. All of our party bus rentals be equipped with a high-end surround sound system as well as a wet bar. If you’d like to have additional options, we provide vehicles equipped with plasma TVs as well as DVD players. Additionally, fiber optics and neon lighting make it appear more like a club than a car!

What kind of Bus is suitable for Party?

Any event can be improved by traveling by a Luxury Coach or Party Bus. This list outlines the most common types of occasions where the Luxury coach or Limousine Bus Rental is utilized for parties:

School Nights Prom Night and homecoming dances are great reasons to hire a party bus.

There is a myriad of wedding celebrations that can be enhanced by employing a party bus! Bachelorette or bachelor events can be taken up an extra level when no one needs to be a tyrant or by the driver. The rehearsal dinner is an enjoyable experience if followed by a tour around town on the bus.

  • An evening out: The next girls’ evening or night for guys is the perfect occasion to rent the party bus.
  • Birthday Celebrations: Big milestone birthdays, like sweet sixteenth birthday, can be celebrated with style and elegance by having the option of a mobile party with Party Bus. Watch and dance as you move from place to your destination. 


Costumes for Trick or Treating Make sure to keep your children secure and offer the adults some fun when you go on the traditional Halloween candy rush from inside the party bus after the kids have finished their candy. At the same time, the adults can take the bus out for the ride to have some adult drinks.

Additional Events: Retirement Parties or engagement parties’ family reunions can be more enjoyable when a bus rental is available! Gather your family and friends together for a fun night. That is not an exhaustive list! There could be a myriad of reasons why people choose to rent the services of a bus. They can make any occasion into a party!

Party Buses Amenities

Here are some of the most popular things you will get when you rent party buses, including power outlets, AM/FM/CD/DVD/TVs, Bluetooth compatible stereo system laser and strobe lights and lighting that can be customized, an integrated bar, cooler, alcoholic drinks (upon demand) dancing pole(s) with free ice and bottles of water napkins, cups, and even a bathroom.

There is the option of buying alcohol on the buses. In certain locations, you must bring your drink because of local regulations.

They are designed to travel for shorter distances instead of the regular charter buses that can travel long distances that span several days or perhaps weeks.

A lot of party buses have LED lighting and loud sound systems for music.

Rent a Bus for Party from FnA Bus Charter

FnA Bus Charter has party limousines, buses, and other vehicles to satisfy your needs in nearly every state in the Continental United States. We are proud to serve cities with significant populations like New York, New Jersey, Phoenix, Fort Worth, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. Go to the towns. We Serve webpage to locate the bus rental near me.

If you require a luxury or party bus, and you can’t find your city on our website search party bus rental near me, contact us at (321) 800-5817 to get the cost of obtaining a bus where you’ll need it. We’re likely to be able to accommodate your requirements wherever they might be.

For many years, we’ve been providing our clients with reliable and safe ground transportation. Our well-trained and committed FnA Bus Charter team will strive to find you the party bus transport you require. Our drivers are experts who undergo rigorous training as well as an accreditation process.

Contact us today to learn more about the services that FnA Bus Charter can do for you. We’re here to help with every one of your transportation requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most party buses that carry more than 25 passengers come with restrooms, but it will vary based on the specific bus. Fully-sized buses with 50 passengers will always have restrooms. However, we recommend only using the bathroom in emergencies. If the person has had a drink, the toilets on buses are tiny, and it could be difficult to drive. It is possible even to strike your head if lucky. Better to stay at an establishment.

It is legal to drink alcohol on party buses in a majority of states. We recommend that you drink alcohol. Party buses commercially owned and operated by the government are not subject to open cans on other vehicles.
A majority of busses for parties come with seat belts; however, passengers aren’t required to wear them in most states.

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