Berkeley Charter Bus

Do You Need Berkeley Charter Bus For Group Travel?

Berkeley is a happy city that hosts many students not only from America but from around the world. Many also visit this beautiful city to appreciate its modernity and ethnically diverse community. If you also plan to visit Berkeley anytime soon, then you might like to book a Berkeley charter bus for your whole tour. Not only would it get you around the city, but it will also ensure that you and your group have the most comfortable ride.

Wondering where to book a Berkeley charter bus rental? Well, FnA Bus Charter is one of the most trusted and well-reputed charter bus rental companies with several years of experience providing comfortable transportation services. If you need to book your California charter bus from us, you can do it from the comfort of your home. Find below how:

Berkeley Charter Bus - FnA Bus Charter

How To Book A Berkeley Charter Bus Rental From Fna Bus Charter?

To book our services, you just need to call +1 321 800 5817. Talk to one of our representatives and tell them all the details. They will then create a quote and send it to you. Once you are satisfied and approve, we will confirm your booking.

However, before you confirm your booking with us, you need to decide which bus you need. Although our standard charter bus Berkeley California is perfect for all events and activities, you might want something different. In case you need a little change, you have multiple other options too.

What Options For Group Transportation Do You Have Other Than The Standard Charter Bus?

Tour Bus Rental 

If you are visiting Berkeley for the first time, you’ll need someone to take you around and show you the best attractions. For this, you can trust our tour bus rental service. We not only provide you with a bus, but we also provide you with a well-trained professional driver who is aware of all the best places and will be happy to take you.

Party Bus For A Unique Experience

You have been to many parties, but you might never have had the experience of enjoying a full-fledged party on the bus. Our party bus with bar, lounge area, and washroom provides you with the perfect space not only to pull off a party but enough space to move a leg too. Plus, these buses are decorated with party lights to create bar type atmosphere.

Luxury Coach For Private Events 

Attending a private event is a hassle if you don’t have the right transport with you. Therefore, our luxury coach will provide you with all the luxuries you need while traveling to and from the event. Plus, it can accommodate your whole group, so you can also enjoy your travel with your group. Plus, you’ll not be at the wheel. So you can have as many champagne glasses as you want or tequila shots without worrying about driving back.

School Bus For Field Trips And Events

Berkeley is home to one of the best universities in the world- the University of California. Therefore, you might need our school bus for field trip or an educational event. Our school bus will surely remind you of the time when you were a kid. So enjoy nostalgia and a completely safe trip with us because all our buses are equipped with top-of-the-line safety features.

Moreover, you can also get a sports bus for sports team transportation, a wedding limousine bus charter, or a corporate travel executive bus for conventions or employee travel.

Why Choose FnA Bus Charter?

Other than having a good reputation in the market, we offer our customers many options. Moreover, our services are not as expensive as a car rental. We take pride in providing affordable transportation services along with comfort. You can also customize your package. This way, you only pay for the services that you take and save money on the services that you might not need. Nonetheless, we ensure a great experience and a memorable drive.