Terms and Conditions


Reservations for Charter Services may be made electronically through FnA Bus Charter’s website – www.fnabuscharter.com (the “Website”) or by phone. Until the reservation is confirmed by FnA Bus Charter in writing (including by email) the reservation is subject to change by FnA Bus Charter, or you.

You understand and agree that payment for all charter services reserved through FnA Bus Charter shall be made payable to, and collected by, FnA Bus Charter.

FnA Bus Charter is not responsible for any confirmation of your reservations that is lost or otherwise not received when booking via the internet. If your spam blocker is on, a confirmation may not get through. It is your responsibility to call and get a confirmation email when making a booking.

All reservations that are more than fourteen (14) days from the scheduled date of service (the “Date of Service”) require a deposit of at least ten (10) percent. FnA Bus Charter shall confirm the amount of the deposit at the time Client makes its reservation. Full payment is required within 14 days of the reservation.

The client may change a reservation subject to (a) the availability of the requested Charter Services as proposed by the changed reservation, (b) payment of the applicable fee as determined by FnA Bus Charter in its sole discretion.


(a) Images of, and information regarding, buses and other vehicles presented on the Website may differ from the actual Service Buses.

(b) FnA Bus Chartercannot guarantee any of the following (collectively, the “Waived Conditions”):

  • the specific make, model, year, or specific bus appearance of the Service Bus.
  • the functionality of the hvac, air-conditioning or plumbing (including on-board restrooms) on the Service Bus.
  • the availability or working condition of requested amenities including to on-board restrooms, wheel-chair lifts, WI-FI internet, DVD/TV equipment, USB charging, or electric plugs.
  • the behavior of the drivers and how they treat the Passengers.
  • the drivers use of a cell phone.
  • the provision of the Charter Services if any of the Service Buses are affected by weather, mechanical breakdown, blown tires, motor vehicle accident or other similar events (collectively, the “Interference Events”)