How Much To Rent a Party Bus for a Day in Florida?

Rent A Party Bus For A Day

A party bus is one of the best options for a group of people to have fun for a day, a night or a weekend. Most of the customers rent a party bus for a day to attend a wedding, birthday party, or prom. Generally, party buses can easily fit 14 to 50 passengers but it depends on the size of your group. FnA Bus Charter offers 3 major types of bus size ranges. The first one is a small party bus which can accommodate about 14 to 16 passengers. The second one is a standard party bus with a seating capacity of 20 to 30 passengers and the third one is a large party bus that can accommodate 36 to 50 passengers.

Party Bus Amenities

You may be thinking about what kind of amenities you will get on a party bus. These are some of the common features and amenities that you will find in most of the party bus rentals Rhode Island. The amenities that you will get in a party bus rental include Bluetooth compatible stereo system, strobe and laser light, alcoholic beverages, an integrated bar with cooler, customized lighting, napkins, cups, a bathroom, and a dance pole.

Alcohol is also available on most of the party buses. But, in some locations, you have to bring your own alcoholic beverages due to the legislation of a state or city.  You can have a party on party buses while traveling to a specific destination for an event. Usually, it is quite easy to book a party bus rental in Florida areas because they have a good number of party buses available for booking.

Most of the party buses come with LED lighting and a sound system for music listeners. Party buses are considered to be used for short-distance travel than charter buses as they can be used for even days or weeks.

Cost to Rent a Party Bus for a Day

A party bus costs from $150 to $1000 across the nation. But mostly it costs around $500 to $600 to rent a party bus for a day. This means we can say that the average cost to rent a party bus is $600. There are a number of factors that affect the cost of a party bus including when you need to rent a party bus for a day, the type of party bus, luxury amenities and features, party bus packages, and the number of passengers you have in your group.

Stretch limos, Stretch SUVs, and party buses are usually hired for prom season, brewery tours, birthdays, bar crawls, weddings buses, and sporting events.

What affects The prices To Rent a Party Bus for a Day?

When you rent a limo, SUV, or party bus it means you are renting the experience. Clients not just pay for the one-way or round-trip ride or multi-stop but they also pay for the driver’s time to and from the business location. As an example, it takes the time of almost half an hour to get ready for their job before they pick up a customer which means a ride of one hour needs almost 3 hours of work.

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